Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has a tentative start date for season 4

We have a general idea when Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will begin filming season four.
“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” | FYC Event In Los Angeles
“Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” | FYC Event In Los Angeles / Jon Kopaloff/GettyImages

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has finally brought a show to the masses that most fans enjoy. It's the best parts of the new and old Star Trek, merged together into a wonderful and exciting experience. While it does play off a lot of nostalgia, it also further expands on unexplored lore. Allowing for a greater appreciation for previously one-off characters Christopher Pike and Number One (Una Chin-Riley).

It has become the crown jewel of Star Trek as a brand and continues to be one of the best-reviewed shows for not just the franchise but for all Paramount series being produced. It's just good and fans love it. With the close of the second season in 2023, many fans were excited to see how the third season would go. After all, the series brought its second season to a close on a cliffhanging end.

Now, fans want to know what happens next. Sadly, two consecutive strikes occurred that affected production schedules. Which of course included Strange New Worlds. The writer and actors' strike caused a serious slowdown in work and pushed the third season of Strange New Worlds from a 2024 release to a 2025 release.

Thankfully, the production on season three is done, at least the filming portion of it. Now it's just up to the editors to get things right and we should see season three drop in early 2025. But what about the already greenlit season four?

Season four was supposed to begin later this year, originally. Yet, the strikes delayed that as well. Now, we're not sure when season four is going to begin production, let alone when it's going to air. It may air in 2026 at this point.

What we do know, thanks to, is that the fourth season's production is expected to begin in the spring of next year. This makes sense, as it'll likely be filming shortly after the third season has fully been released.

It may be a long time to wait but we're excited about the possibilities that the next two seasons could deliver.