Star Trek: The Original Series' "Miri" originally established a relationship between Captain Kirk and Yeoman Rand


Undeniably, there was chemistry between William Shatner's Captain Kirk and Grace Lee Whitney's Yeoman Janice Rand on Star Trek: The Original Series. Writer Adrien Spies, who penned the script for "Miri," even included a relationship between the two in his original script. But the producers thought Kirk needed to be single. After all, who would woo the women on each of the planets they traveled to or sweep the comely visitors to the Enterprise off their feet? The producers actually believed that Kirk having a girlfriend would have somehow hurt the series. So a large portion of Spies' script was cut, including a scene where Yeoman Rand tells Kirk that she was thinking about leaving the Enterprise, according to SlashFilm.

In a brief dialogue, Rand shares with the captain that she's only twenty-four and scared. There's no clarification if she's referring to the disease that is ravaging Miri's planet, or if it's the way she's been feeling overall. She goes on to tell Captain Kirk to put in for another yeoman when they return to the ship. When asked if she's going to leave, she doesn't answer.

""(a half whisper) It's so stupid, such a waste... (turning to him) Sir, do you know all I can think about? ...( shaking her head, disapproving of her own unmilitary way) My age, the fact that I've ... only had 24 years of life ... (another shake of her head — wistful) 24, sir, and afraid ... scared ..." 


Original "Miri" dialogue for Yeoman Rand

I can't imagine what the producers thought might happen if Kirk had a girlfriend or why they felt he needed to be free to work his charm on any women who crossed his path. In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) has a girlfriend, and it hasn't made a difference in the number of fans. But, as we all know, times were different back then, and Kirk remained unattached throughout the run of The Original Series. Although he did fall in love, he never got a happily ever after...not even in the movies.

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