Star Trek: Voyager's Roxann Dawson has nothing but good things to say about Jennifer Lien

Rodin Eckenroth/GettyImages

Jennifer LIen portrayed Kes, an Ocampan whose race only lived nine years, on Star Trek: Voyager for almost four seasons. Though fans weren't wild about Kes' relationship with Neelix (Ethan Phillips), the character of Kes was generally well-liked. Once she and Neelix separated, she began to grow more as her own person, and Lien's talent really began to shine. Roxann Dawson, who played Chief Engineer B'Elanna Torres on the series for the entire seven seasons, said Lien was "extremely talented" and after Lien left, she was missed.

"Jennifer Lien was extremely talented, and I thought an excellent choice for that role. I think that when she left the cast, I actually missed the role of Kes. She was a part of the cast that we never got back, you know? A facet of the diamond was missing there. I thought she was fantastic. She definitely was going through some personal things, and at a certain point, I guess it was decided that she wouldn’t continue on with the show, but not at all because she wasn’t excellent. It really had nothing to do with her performance. She was a pro, she always knew her stuff when she was on set. She was great."

Roxann Dawson

While there have been comments about Lien having personal struggles which led to her departure from the series, we don't really know the entire story. But we do know that the cast didn't seem to have any issues with her. Dawson went on to say that Lien was a pro and "always knew her stuff when she was on set."

After Lien left Voyager, she had one other acting credit in the 2001 movie "Accidents Don't Happen," but that film never actually made it to the screen as it was pulled from production for various reasons. Many things have been written and said about the actress since her last days on Voyager, but it's nice to see that her former crew members have her back. With the acting talent she has, it's never too late for a comeback, either.

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