Star Trek: Voyager's "Shattered" highlights why Chakotay and Janeway are the best on-screen pair in all of Trek

Star Trek: Voyager really showcased how good Chakotay and Kathryne Janeway were together in the episode "Shattered".
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Kathryne Janeway and Chakotay have the best on-screen chemistry of anyone in Star Trek history. Maybe you want to debate that but the ease with which the actress who played Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) and the actor who played Chakota (Robert Beltran) got along on screen was undeniable. They were magic together, whether the show had them at odds, supporting one another or even when they dared to leave them lingering and staring into one another's eyes.

It's a dynamic that's been showcased to perfection a few times, for instance the season two episode "Resolutions" where the pair were left behind on the only planet that could keep them alive after contracting a deadline illness. The pair nearly fell for one another while on the planet, until the crew of the Voyager found a cure.

And while that's usually the episode people lean on when highlighting the duo's unique chemistry, there's even one episode that maybe does an even better job, season seven's "Shattered". In the episode, the Voyager is stuck in an anomaly that has segmented the ship in different time periods. Each character is a previous version of themselves, save for Chakotay, who is the only one who is stuck in the modern moment.

Characters like B'Elanna Torres revert back to their Maquis days, while The Doctor is only three years into the Voyager's then seven-year trip. Janeway, however, was a pre-Delta Quadrant version. A woman who had to live with the fact that her decisions got the entire crew trapped decades from home, and a woman who did not trust or like Chakotay all over again.

Yet, over the course of the episodes, Chakotay's charm and earnest nature got the best of Janeway. Once again showing the audience that the two just vibe on a level that few ever will. It's a great episode if you love character growth and one that would do well to be revisited sometime soon.