Star Trek wins prestigious Peabody Award

Star Trek earns themselves a much deserved award.
Star Trek: Discovery | Special Screening Event in DC
Star Trek: Discovery | Special Screening Event in DC / Leigh Vogel/GettyImages

Star Trek has had a lot of success in its nearly 60 years of existence. They, as a franchise, have won award after awards for films and shows alike. they've received accolades for acting, directing, writing, casting, and more. Their stars have won their fair share as well, from acting awards to stars on the Walk of Fames.

It happens so often it's hard to know which award is happening and to whom, but that doesn't mean that the abundance of award nominations and wins limits how exciting it is to be nominated or awarded a new piece of hardware.

For the franchise that is Star Trek, it's very common to be up for or win various awards but this time, the franchise has a massive award coming their way. The Institutional Award presented by the Peabody Awards is one of the most impressive awards in all of media.

The Institutional Award is a prestigious award given to a show for its body of work over the years, with past winners going to AARAY, Today, The Simpsons, and now, Star Trek joins the fraternity of shows to win the award. It's given to a series that highlights social issues and, according to their website showcases "vibrant emerging voices".

With the series in a bit of flux as of late, with the franchise transitioning from doing more streaming shows to streaming movies, it's nice to see a major outlet like the Peabody Awards recognize the work of Star Trek as a television brand.

You can learn more about the award Star Tre won by going to the official website of the Peabody Awards.

It can't be understated how impactful an award of this magnitude actually is. For Star Trek, a brand built on challenging the status quo, while delving deep into complex issues, to win an award like this, it means a great deal. One would argue it's long overdue, however. The show's been on the air since the 1960s and while most of the films deviate from the core concept of challenging situations with no real right or wrong side, we feel that the franchise had more than earned this award 30 years ago.

Since the Peabody Awards only started handing out this award in 2014, it's not surprising that Star Tre hasn't won it yet. That said, they are now the 17th show to be awarded with this prestigious honor.