Terry Matalas has discussed "doing more" with Michael Dorn


Worf (Michael Dorn) returned in season three of Star Trek: Picard as essentially a whole new character, one who'd embraced passivity but could still be counted on as a warrior when needed. The season took Worf in a new direction but still gave fans the Klingon we'd been hoping to see again. And showrunner Terry Matalas thinks there could be more to not just one Klingon but the entire empire.

At the Picard season 3 reunion panel at Trek Talks 3, [via Trekmovie], Matalas revealed that he and Dorn had had conversations that asked the question: "what if we did more?" He questioned what the Klingon Empire would be like in the 25th century. Originally, they were the enemies of the Federation then became allies on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Had they evolved since then? And how had that change affected Worf's son, Alexander?

"“I think what’s interesting about a series that has been on the air for so many decades is the evolution of things. Michael [Dorn] and I were talking, what if we did more? You think, what’s the Klingon Empire like [in the early 25th century]? The last time they were an allegory to the Russians kind of, and now? What would they be up to and what does that mean for Worf and what does that mean for Alexander? So what’s so great about this kind of very, very long format – the fact that Leonard Nimoy played Spock for how many years? I mean, that’s incredible. I don’t think you ever really need to fully say goodbye to any of these characters or storylines. I think it’s that’s what’s so special about what we’re doing.”"

Terry Matalas

Dorn has been open about wanting a Worf spin-off series, and after the chemistry between him and Michelle Hurd as Raffi Musiker, fans began to get onboard for a potential series with the two of them working undercover for Starfleet Intelligence. Will that happen now? Probably not, considering the way the ending of Picard set the stage for Raffi to be at Captain Seven of Nine's side aboard the Enterprise. Of course, I say that knowing that anything is possible in the Star Trek universe so Hurd and Dorn could still end up working together again.

One thing is for certain. Even if the cast of The Next Generation don't return in a series together, there's no reason why the actors couldn't appear in franchise movies of their own. If Paramount is interested in continuing the streaming movies after Section 31, it certainly has a well of ideas to draw from!

dark. Next. Michael Dorn would be all in on a Next Generation type of spin-off. Michael Dorn would be all in on a Next Generation type of spin-off