Terry Matalas talks his Star Trek: Legacy hopes and where things stand

Robin L Marshall/GettyImages

Terry Matalas was behind inarguably the best season of Star Trek: PIcard (and a contender for the best season in the franchise). And he's ready to get behind a project the fans want, too. Star Trek: Legacy has been the oft-discussed series that Star Trek fans hope will happen. Matalas has those hopes, too, and in an interview with Trekmovie, he shared that there is a "rich opportunity" in the stories that could be told if Legacy were to come to fruition.

Alas, Matalas also confirmed there have been no discussions whatsoever about Legacy. He added there was was only so much streaming space and money. With Paramount already behind Section 31 and the upcoming Starfleet Academy television series, there might not be an opening for Legacy for quite some time, but Matalas did add "never say never."

He went on to clarify the name of the series for those fans who think it might be all about the characters from earlier Star Trek series. He named the series Legacy because it was "mostly from the 25th century," and he liked the idea of bringing in those characters, but it wouldn't necessarily have legacy characters in every episode.

The topic of making Legacy into a movie came up as well, and though Matalas wouldn't say no to it as long as he has the crew and cast that he had from Star Trek: Picard, because there are so many stories to be told, he believes a series would be ideal.

With no ongoing discussions and not even a hint of a discussion, we could be waiting a long, long time to learn if Star Trek: Legacy will ever be a go. And we have to come to terms with the fact that it might not happen even though It would be a shame if Paramount passes on a project that so many fans are clamoring for.

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