The best Vulcan proverb is obvious, or so we thought

Star Trek is known for so many great Vulcan proverbs but which one is truly the best?
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Star Trek has created many iconic aliens that fans know all too well. Maybe the most famous of all Star Trek aliens, if not the most famous alien in science fiction history is the Vulcan. Made popular by Leonard Nimoy, portraying Spock in the original television and film series, fans lapped up everything they could. Whether it was Nimoy or Spock specific, fans for decades loved the iconic, point-eared, alien.

Over time, the Vulcans and Spock in general would take a larger focus among the fanbase, being viewed as the moral and spiritual center of the franchise. Becoming endlessly quoted by people who wanted to see a better world around them. In turn, the Vulcan's became known for their matter-of-fact, but always positive proverbs, that seemed to resonate with the fandom.

Whether intended or not, the Vulcans became almost the mouthpiece for the franchise, sharing what could be seen as the beliefs of the creators and writers as part of the Vulcan ethos.

So it's not surprising that so many fans have taken to quoting Vulcan proverbs constantly, and even writing up articles about the famed sayings of the alien race. ScreenRant is chief among them, doing a top list of the Vulcan proverbs. An interesting list but one that was met with some trepidation when we saw that the most famous of all Vulcan proverbs; "Live Long and Prosper" was the 10th and least impactful on their list.

First mentioned in the season two episode, Amok Time, Spock's quoting of "Live long and prosper", joined with the Vulcan salute, became an iconic moment in the franchise's history. So much so that the phrase and hand gesture are endlessly recreated in film and television, while also remaining stable among the fan base for decades.

Clearly, no Vulcan saying has had a bigger cultural impact on both the franchise and the greater pop culture landscape at large. Yet, ScreenRant believes that the Spock quote from "The Undiscovered Country" is the top earner. That quote is of course "Logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end."

A fine quote, but a good quote transcends just being well written and has a greater impact on the world around it. And if there is a more impactful quote than "Live long and prosper" from the world of Star Trek, we haven't heard it.