The Doctor was far more of a lady's man than anyone else on Voyager

The Doctor was so popular with the ladies that the male cast got jealous of him.
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Star Trek: Voyager is one of those shows that you just have to experience. Give it a shot and unless you're beyond jaded, it'll get you hooked. So many great characters exist on this show, from Captain Kathryne Janeway to Tom Paris, Seven of Nine, Chakotay and so many others. Yet, the one character that keeps getting the most praised due to his series evolution is The Doctor, played by Robert Picardo.

He was a focal point for the series in a lot of ways, serving as this series' "Spock" character, at least to the start. Despite having a Vulcan in Tuvok, and eventually bringing in the de-Borged Seven of Nine, The Doctor was the character that got a lot of the Spock treatment. With the in-depth background, lack of emotions (at least to start), and the complex issues that surround such a character (he's a hologram), The Doctor became a selling point for the show.

So much so that the writers clearly saw him for a story gold mine, and in doing so really flushed him out over the years. That included a handful of love interests for the Doctor, more so than any other male on the ship. To the point of jealousy.

Speaking to Star in 2022, Picardo revealed that other male actors on the show had some form of jealousy for how much time they got to spend with attractive women, saying;

""The Doctor had plenty of romance for a hologram over seven years. At one point at the end of season 3 or early in season 3, the other male cast members actually complained that The Doctor had been kissed by beautiful women more often than any of the other actors.""

It just goes to show you that if you have charisma, charm, and the ability to give yourself a variety of unique hobbies, you too can be a bit of a ladies' man.