The nods to Star Trek: Enterprise aren't enough acknowledgment of the series


Star Trek: Enterprise has long been the forgotten series of the Star Trek franchise. Though more people are watching it on streaming now, it's still never been treated like it's fully a part of Trek. The series, cancelled after four seasons, has been referenced in current Trek series and the movies as indicated by Screenrant writer John Orquiola. But other than a brief vocal appearance by Connor Trinneer in the most recent Star Trek: Very Short Treks, the entire cast of Enterprise have been conspicuously absent from current iterations. With time travel and alternate timelines, there's absolutely no reason for this.

If Star Trek: Strange New Worlds can cross over with animated characters from Star Trek: Lower Decks, then there is a way to bring back characters from Enterprise, regardless of the timeline. Though the nods to Enteprise are nice to see, it's still almost like giving the series a pat on the head because the actors, the ones who made Enterprise work for four seasons, are being ignored.

Star Trek: Lower Decks has included several actors from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Trek: Prodigy includes characters from Star Trek: Voyager. Younger versions of characters from Star Trek: The Original Series have been cast in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds so we get a reminder of that series with each episode. And the list of inclusion goes does the list of exclusion.

Both Connor Trineer and Dominic Keating have expressed interest in returning to the Star Trek universe, and even John Billinsgley has offered ways his character could return. But, so far, only the fact that Enterprise existed is being acknowledged and even that is briefly. So much more attention is being given to other aspects of Trek, and one can't help but wonder why characters/actors from the Scott Bakula-led series aren't being included on some of the current series.

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