The worst love interest for Kathryn Janeway is beyond obvious

How is this even a debate?
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Star Trek: Voyager had several romances, mostly featuring the pairing of Tom Paris and B'Elanna Torres, who got married and would go on to have a child together. They were the core romance, but Seven of Nine, Chakotay, The Doctor, Kes, and Neelix all had their fair share of dalliances'. Heck, even Harry Kim, the ship's perpetual strikeout king in the romance game had his fair share of attempts.

The one woman who didn't get much in that vain was Kathryn Janeway, who took a stance early in the ship's journey that she couldn't afford to fraternize with a member of the crew the same way others could, as she was the captain. This is despite her and Chakotay being the best "would they/won't they" in franchise history.

We know that Chakotay and her were the best pairing possible and ScreenRant agrees, ranking Chakotay's romantic pairing with Janeway as the number one best coupling possible for her. They're right, we've been all about Chakotay and Janeway together. Yet, we don't agree with their worst.

See they ranked every potential paramour that Janeway had on the show from worst to best, and they had Gath, a Sikarian, as her worst. They cited his less than noble traits as the reason why but we're shocked, because how is it a debate that it isn't Tom Paris?

Paris never was truly interested in Janeway, but in the truly terrible episode "Threshold", Paris, did make his move for her. Now, it wasn't Paris actually, he suffered terribly from breaking the Warp 10 threshold and started to evolve, transforming him into a salamander creature. So his actions weren't truly his own, but that doesn't mean what happened next wasn't great. He abducted Janeway, transformed her into the same type of creature, and then made babies together.

It's one of the more disgusting episodes to think about in Star Trek history, and while Paris was just as much of a victim as Janeway was, just in different ways, it's fair to say he wasn't malicious in his actions like Gath. But considering what he did was so much more significant than Gath, you can't argue that Paris wasn't the worst love interest Janeway had.

If he was even one at all.

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