There's always a problem with fan casting Star Trek reboots that no one gets

People are always trying to fan cast Star Trek reboots, but fail to see the one glaring flaw that makes their selections so unrealistic.
Star Trek Convention In Las Vegas - Day 4
Star Trek Convention In Las Vegas - Day 4 / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Fan casting is the concept of fans selecting various well-known actors and actresses to fill roles held by former actors and actresses. This is usually done when a property gets rebooted, or if it gets transitioned from a television product to a movie. Star Trek fans are not immune to this thought exercise, and sometimes the fan castings can be very inspired.

Not always, but sometimes. Why are we bringing this up now, however? Screenrant recently published their fan cast or "recast" of the Star Trek: Voyager crew but for the silver screen. Now, we're not a fan of their choices, but it isn't for a lack of talent. They have names like Charlie Day, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Jennifer Lawerence, Glen Powell, and Zendaya as part of their fantasy selections.

Solid talents all around. We're not going to critique the selections, because it's the author's picks and they're entitled to them, no matter how much one may disagree. Yet, the problem with this idea comes from the fact that just one of Lawerence, Powell, or Zendaya would probably kill the film.

Not for any nefarious reason, but due to their stock and cost in Hollywood. They're among some of the biggest names going, and would all require a hefty sum of money to get them on board. Now, this ScreenRant piece does a better job of balancing the stars with up-and-comers, and lesser-known talent but not so well that it seems possible.

Considering that most of the 2009 Star Trek cast were far less popular then than how they are now, it's fair to say they're not getting anyone of Powell, Zendaya, or Lawrence's fame, let alone the other major names in the article; Cate Blanchett.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana weren't "nobodies" when they did the project originally, but they were all niche actors and actresses. Pine's biggest role was arguably a bit part in Smoking Aces, while Quinto was making his film debut. Saldana was in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film but in a bit part. Star Trek was each of their biggest projects to date.

Karl Urban had been in similar, if not bigger projects, but not in such a major role. Arguably, Simon Pegg was the biggest name of the core cast at the time, though he was a comedic actor, and sometimes that limits one's reach.

The reason for their casting, as opposed to the biggest names of the time, was due to cost. They were all good enough to pull off their roles, and cheap enough to help make the movie profitable. Blanchett alone would kill the casting budget for a Star Trek film.

So when you think of your next fan casting of your favorite Star Trek franchise, keep cost in mind. It'll make a more challenging experience.