Three doctors that should be teachers at Starfleet Academy


The cadets at Starfleet Academy have a lot to learn, and they need to learn from the best. For Star Trek fans, the best is in the characters we've already seen so, at the least, the series could start with some familiarity. Yes, we know there will be some new teachers at the Academy, but Star Trek already has three doctors that need to share their wealth of knoweldge with the new recruits in the upcoming series.

EMH/The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager

Not only could the doctor provide sound medical advice, he would also be an advocate for holograms being recognized as sentient beings. That's the kind of compassion and understanding you can't get in books. On top of that, his sarcasm would be perfect in a school setting as The Doctor isn't well-known for his patience. That would be a little something extra the class could learn.

Dr. Phlox/Star Trek: Enterprise

Not only could students learn a lot about Denobulan culture, with Dr. Phlox as their teacher, they would have access to his vast knowledge he aquired through so many degrees, including Interspecies, Hematology, Botanical Pharmacology, and Psychiatry. In "Borderland," Dr. Arik Soong said that Phlox's reputation in the scienes rivaled his own. That's knowledge the students could use. On top of that, Phlox has already spent time at Starfleet, having served six months at Starfleet Medical. And even though the series is going to be set in the 32nd century, as far as we know, Denobulans could have extremely long life spans so there's no reason why Phlox can't be a part of the faculty.

Dr. Altan Soong/Star Trek: Picard

Yes, Dr. Altan Soong was considered a man scientist at first, but he realized the error of his ways toward the end of the first season of Star Trek: Picard. He successfully integrated a consciousness into a golem which opens up worlds of possibilties for the future. Though he probably won't be alive in the 32nd century, one would assume he would make plans for that and would transfer his consciousness into a synth body, thereby, making him available to the students at Starfleet Academy. And who better to teach them about androids than the doctor who is a descendant of Data's original creator? Dr. Soong has so much knowledge to impart, it would be a shame to let it go to waste.

All three of these doctors are capable of retiurning to Starfleet to teach at the Academy, and there's no way the cadets will get as much knowledge and experience as they can from these three individuals. They all have something different and unique to impart, and the cadets will be losing out if they don't learn from these three.

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