Todd Stashwick's favorite Star Trek: Picard memory


A brand new character in the Star Trek franchise, Captain Liam Shaw (Todd Stashwick) was introduced in the final season of Star Trek: Picard, and, despite his sarcasm and gruff demeanor, he quickly became a fan favorite. In fact, even though Shaw died before the season ended, fans have already expressed their desire to see the captain again. And being that this is Star Trek, there's a way to make that happen. After all, the dead don't actually have to stay dead in the Trek world.

Whether or not Stashwick will return to reprise the character in a future iteration of Star Trek or movie remains to be seen. One thing we do know is that he was thrilled to be a part of the cast of Picard, and when interviewed by Screenrant at the 51st Annual Saturn Awards, he even had a favorite memory of his time on set.

"Okay, so we're doing a scene on the turbolift and I feel this little British arm sneak behind me and grab Jonathan Frakes. It's very elegant. And then he squeezed me between them and goes, "How does it feel to be the center of the Sir Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes sandwich?" I said, "I think you're checking off many bucket lists for a lot of people."... I mean, it's nerd heaven, right? I'm wearing a Starfleet uniform, and I'm being squeezed by two legends."

Todd Stashwick

Stashwick couldn't be more right. Any fan of Star Trek, especially of The Next Generation, would love to have been in the middle between Sir Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes. It's a dream for most fans to get the opportunity to meet even one of the icons. And, if this choice memory is any indication, Stewart's sense of humor would just be icing on the cake for such a meeting.

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