Toronto stage used for Discovery and Section 31 renamed 'The Star Trek Stage'


For five seasons, Star Trek: Discovery filmed at Pinewood Studios in Toronto. In addition, Section 31, the upcoming Discovery sequel movie starring Michelle Yeoh, filmed there as well. And now, Pinewood Studios has been renamed one of the stages, "The Star Trek Stage", according to a report by Trekmovie. The official renaming happened during the fifth season filming of Discovery even though the announcement was just made today.

"We are so delighted to have hosted Star Trek: Discovery over 5 seasons and the recently wrapped Star Trek: Section 31 movie event and to celebrate our longstanding relationship with the franchise with our own Star Trek Stage. We look forward to welcoming many more productions to come."

Sarah Farrell, GM of Pinewood Studios

The new Star Trek Stage will also be the home of the upcoming new series, Starfleet Academy, which, according to a recent feature in Variety Magazine, will utilize every inch of the 45,900 square foot soundstage, which is the largest in Canada. Since Starfleet Academy will be mostly set in one area, the extra space will be utilized to build the school which will include a mess hall, amphitheater, trees, catwalks, multiple classrooms, and the dorms since Academy students live on campus.

Alex Kurtzman expressed his appreciation for the renaming of the stage at Pinewood Studios, sharing that it has become a "second home" for Star Trek.

"“Pinewood Toronto Studios has become a second home for our Star Trek family, and we’re grateful that they’ve named a stage in honor of the franchise. In addition to the amazing stage space, we’ve benefitted from working with the talented artists in front of the camera and behind the scenes and look forward to our partnership in Toronto on future series.”"

Alex Kurtzman

Now that Star Trek has its own official soundstage, most likely any new series and/or movies will be shot at this location. Last year, on Star Trek Day, September 8th, Wilson Cruz, one of the stars of Discovery, gave a behind-the-scenes tour of the set of the series at Pinewood Studios.

Cruz shared not only a look at Captain Michael Burnham's [Sonequa Martin-Green] quarters, but also some little known information about a wall plaque, before leading us into the unfinished areas of the stage which allowed us to see exactly how massive Pinewood Studios and the new Star Trek stage is.

This renaming is yet another sign of Star Trek moving forward toward the future with many more productions to come!

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