Watch: Armin Shimerman takes you on a tour of Deep Space Nine

Star Trek Explorer courtesy of Titan Books

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine premiered in 1993, and the iconic show gained a legion of fans eager to see a Star Trek series that wasn't aboard a space ship. And though Captain Sikso, played by the incomparable Avery Brooks, often left the station aboard the Defiant, for the most part, he led Deep Space Nine and kept control of its many alien guests and residents.

The sets were different than anything seen aboard a starship, and a lot of the action came to the station, a good portion of which took place on the Promenade Deck. So it's no wonder why The Roddenberry Archive would choose to bring back the interiors of Deep Space Nine to let us get an up close and personal view, along with a few unknown facts. And who better to lead the tour than Armin Shimerman, who played the latinum-loving Ferengi, Quark, who ran Quark's Bar on the Promenade Deck?

In a video that comes in at just under thirteen minutes, Shimerman takes us on a stroll through the hallowed halls of Deep Space Nine, stopping at the major points of interest, including, of course, Quark's Bar.

But this is so much more than a tour, with Shimerman offering tibits of information that we might not have known otherwise. Like the Wanted posters in Odo's office actually being the faces of the production crew and paintings being used to make the halls long longer than they actually were. I won't spoil all of the details as this is something you must see yourself.

Shimerman brings Deep Space Nine to life in these few minutes and will take you back to a time when Star Trek took a chance and stepped outside the bounds of a starship. And it worked as Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is a beloved series from the franchise.

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