Watch: Fan edits a better ending for Star Trek: Enterprise


Even after almost twenty years, the ending of Star Trek: Enterprise remains a sore spot with fans. Not only because it was easily the worst ending for a Star Trek series ever but also because there have been no efforts made to correct it.

In the most recent series, we have been given the opportunity to discover more about the crew of the Enterprise (from Star Trek: The Next Generation), Voyager, and even a couple of the characters from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. But "These Are The Voyages" aired, and the crew disappeared like they'd never existed. That's not okay with Enterprise fans, and one fan, John DiMarco, made the changes we all wished we could have seen in the finale. .

DiMarco is a prolific creator of Star Trek videos and shows a particular talent for making things better as is the case in this video. DiMarco took scenes from "Terra Firma" and melded them with "These Are The Voyages," completely removing anything to do with the Holodeck and Will Riker (Jonathan Frakes) and Counselor Troi (Marina Sirtis).

Though the video is short, it gets the message across, and it's much more positive. Trip Tucker can clearly still be seen alive. We still get the emotion from Dr. Phlox as T'Pol and Trip watch their dying baby, and then we get a heroic Captain Archer who brings the planets together. And the icing on the cake is a final hug between T'Pol and Archer which brings the show full circle from when the pair first met. It's a fitting tribute to a show that is loved by more fans than probably anyone realizes. Now, if only this could have been done back in 2005. It's never too late, but since there's been no movement toward a better ending, the odds are good we're going to have to just be happy with the fan-made ones.

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