Watch: Leonard Nimoy 'Star Trek: The Menagerie' rare host footage from 1975

Bertil Unger/GettyImages

Star Trek: The Original Series' first pilot, "The Cage," was rejected by NBC in February 1965, and in a rare move, the network ordered another pilot, essentially giving Gene Roddenberry a second chance to make a first impression. Leonard Nimoy was the only star who joined the second pilot, keeping his original character of Spock.

While "The Cage" was not shown in its entirety, the episode wasn't jettisoned, and producers and writers were able to use the footage to incorporate it into a first season two-part episode entitled "The Menagerie," which saw Spock getting court-martialed for mutiny after he commandeers the Enterprise and directs it toward the forbidden planet of Talos IV. It's an especially impressive episode that allowed fans to see what could have been the first glimpse of Star Trek.

In 1975, Nimoy hosted a Sunday night special presentation of "The Menagerie" on Oklahoma's KAUT-TV Channel 43. Beaming aboard the Enterprise, Nimoy provides a bird's eye view of the transition of the two-part episode from "The Cage" to "The Menagerie," which was the only two-part episode ever shown on Star Trek: The Original Series. The two episodes were edited together to be presented as a two-hour movie for Sunday night's line-up.

The Youtube Channel hosted by Rob O'Hara unearthed the rare footage of Nimoy introducing "The Menagerie" and letting viewers know they would be seeing two different Mr. Spocks in one episode.

O'Hara discovered this footage from his own vintage collection of VHS tapes, and using clues from the promos, he was able to ascertain that this movie special aired on February 6, 1983! At the end of the movie, Nimoy shares his thoughts about Star Trek and reveals his pride in being connected with the show. It's a short six minute video, but it takes you right back to the 1970s when Star Trek was really starting to take off. Enjoy the nostalgia!

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