What are all the new Star Trek shows and films coming in 2024?

Here is everything we know is being released in 2024.
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Star Trek has had an up-and-down 2023, with a lot of new content coming out over the last 12 months and a lot of it getting canceled due to mismanagement by Paramount+ and lower than hoped for viewing figures. Star Trek's Prodigy, Discovery, and Picard were all canceled this season, with Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks the only remaining shows on Paramount+ that have a shelf life ahead of them.

Prodigy got picked up on Netflix, thankfully, and will at least get to see its second season debut before it gets canceled again, should it get canceled again that is. It may get renewed for all we know. Yet, despite the whiplash that was 2023, time keeps marching and we are now once again looking to the future of what fans can expect in 2024. While the writer's and actor's strikes did slow things down, and the lack of shows will limit things, we do have some new content coming our way.

April 2024 - Star Trek: Discovery Season 5

An exact date isn't known just yet, but we do know that the final season of Star Trek: Discovery will take place sometime in April, which is about four months away as of press-time. The show will bring to an end arguably the most controversial and least embraced Star Trek series of all time.

Sometime in 2024 - Star Trek: Prodigy Season 2

The debut of season two was supposed to be in October of 2023, but the cancelation of the show on Paramount+ hindered those plans. That said, the season was likely to be split up into two parts, and if Netflix intends on doing the same thing, splitting it up over two parts, then the first part of Prodigy could debut any time over the next few months, as the first part of the season was nearly finished upon cancelation.

Maybe late 2024 - Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 3

This one isn't expected, but it's possible. The show is currently under production and will be filming the next season through June. Assuming they're editing and such while they're filming, it's possible the show is ready to go by the final quarter of 2024, sometime around October or November if we're optimistic about the turnaround.

What's not coming yet or hasn't been announced

While it's possible that Star Trek: Lower Decks will debut its next season later in 2024, it's not as likely as the strikes really cut into the production schedule for a lot of shows. Not to mention it's not even clear if the fifth season of Lower Decks will happen with all the turmoil going on at Paramount at the moment. They could meet a similar fate that befell Prodigy.

Section 31 is set to start filming at the end of January 2024, and it's likely it'll be a year before we see the film (if ever with how Paramount is). So the first quarter of 2025 seems most likely. The Starfleet show isn't likely at all, as we have nothing for the show yet, and it'll take likely a year to get casting, writing, filming, editing and the like done.

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