What would it take for a new Star Trek show to be made?

Star Trek may have limited the amount of new shows they're producing but that doesn't mean they're done.
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Star Trek isn't doing many new shows anymore. That's the reality that Star Trek and other franchises similar to them are starting to realize. The model where they just produce content for every week of the year is unstainable with the current financial practices across streaming and television. The CW model of the Arrowverse just can't thrive on streaming. So you can't have five or six shows with just one franchise in production at the same time. It won't work financially.

Star Trek, now, knows this and so they've opted to start working on new film projects instead, with a rumored four Star Trek films in production as we speak, with two possibly heading to theaters and two heading to streaming (more than likely).

Just because the shows are being downplayed some doesn't mean they're being done away with, however. Series leader Alex Kurtzman told Wil Wheaton during a recent episode of The Ready Room (via SlashFilm), that Star Trek isn't done making shows, but they need each show to have a new direction, a new voice, saying;

""I only want to make another 'Star Trek' show if there's something special to say. I don't want to do it just to do more. I think that would be a huge disservice to 'Star Trek.' It would be a huge disservice to the fans. I think the fans would feel it instantaneously. They would know this is not authentic because if there's one thing that 'Trek' fans know, it's authenticity. So for me, it's really just about figuring out a way to make sure that we take our time, we're deliberate, we're thoughtful, and we deliver on the promise of something different every time.""

Star Trek didn't follow that mantra during the last few years, instead opting to throw multiple ideas at the wall and see what stuck. Only really one show did, and that is Strange New Worlds, often heralded as one of the best series the franchise has ever produced. Now that we know the Nu Trek Era can deliver on the same concepts that classic Star Trek has, there's no excuse to not have a long run with this show.

Only time will tell if Kurtzman maintains his word that only shows that needs to be made well, but anything is possible.