Wil Wheaton says he's done being an actor...except for Star Trek

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Now the host of The Ready Room where he interviews Star Trek actors after new episodes of the various series, Wil Wheaton has spent plenty of time in front of the camera. His role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation lasted for four seasons, and he's since then returned to the universe on an episode of Star Trek: Picard and Star Trek: Lower Decks. And while Wheaton has occasionally popped up in other shows like S.W.A.T. and Supergirl, for the most part, he seems to be content with his hosting duties as well as voice acting. But he will always return to Star Trek any time the franchise calls.

At the 51st annual Saturn Awards, Trekmovie caught Wheaton on the red carpet and asked him about playing Wesley Crusher again and whether he hopes to see Traveler Wesley show up again. Wheaton expressed his love of Trek, the actors, the franchise, and the universe and said that was the one thing he would show up for.

"I have learned that we should never say absolutely not and we should also never be really overly committed to making something happen. All of that said, anyone who knows anything about me knows how much Star Trek means to me. They know how much the actors, how much the franchise, how much the universe means to me. As much as I am really done being an actor and as much as I love being a writer and I love being a host and an audiobook narrator, Star Trek is the thing that I would absolutely show up to work for. Because it’s given me so much that it would be it a beautiful opportunity to be able to appreciate it and embrace it and love it with the knowledge that I really am part of this thing now and this is a way to return to it in a way that I think nobody ever would have expected."

Wil Wheaton

Never say never is a good way to look at the Trek universe as fans thought they'd never see some of the characters that showed up on the third and final season of Picard like Ro Laren or Admiral Shelby. These were actors from many, many years ago who returned to characters that will always be known as part of the universe.

Whether or not we'll see Wesley Crusher again remains to be seen, but it wouldn't surprise me if the powers-that-be have plans for the character down the road.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Wil Wheaton is proud of Wesley Crusher’s legacy. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Wil Wheaton is proud of Wesley Crusher’s legacy. dark. Next