William Shatner is being accused of using AI imagery for his new album cover

Amanda Edwards/GettyImages

William Shatner, the 93-year-old actor who never slows down, has come under fire for what was supposedly using artificial intelligence for the cover of his new children's album, "Where Will the Animals Sleep?" Venture Beat is just one of the sites making the accusations that have caused Shatner to respond on Twitter/X in a manner that should put an end to the matter. But, so far, that hasn't worked.

Shatner was quick to let Venture Beat (and others) know that the cover art was not generated by the use of artificial intelligence and, in fact, had been created by an artist who was "paid handsomely for it."

That didn't stop the naysayers, though, one of which responded with an image from an artifical intelligence content detection site that revealed the cover art was 100% AI-generated. Shatner turned to a different Artificial Intelligence Content Detection site to provide visual proof that the art was, indeed, created by human hands.

The responses have not slowed down, though, with many of Shatner's followers posting their own AI-created cover versions of the album that looking nothing like the original. One commenter, though, did make a very good point, asking if anyone else saw anything nonsensical about using AI to ask if a drawing was created by AI.

Shatner, who is notorious for not backing down, continued the conversation with his followers, even pointing out that other artists "borrow" from other artists' works as an homage.

Shatner has said that "the cover is the cover," clarifying it isn't going to be changed.

The use of AI remains a hotly-divided subject, and whether or not any AI was used in the cover of Shatner's chldren's album isn't something we're likely going to know 100%. The record company's confirmation of the use of an actual artist is strong evidence against the use of AI, but it won't be enough to convince everyone.

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