William Shatner's new documentary is here; where can you watch it?

William Shatner's new documentary is now on VOD, but where can you watch it?
"You Can Call Me Bill" Los Angeles Premiere
"You Can Call Me Bill" Los Angeles Premiere / Amanda Edwards/GettyImages

William Shatner remains one of the biggest names in Star Trek's iconic legacy, and at 93, he's lived one heck of a life. So much so that he's created a new documentary entitled "You Can Call Me Bill". The documentary, which originally had a limited theatrical release this past March, tells the life story of Shatner in a way few have seen before.

Alexandre O. Phillippe directed the film, and it premiered to rave reviews. The film has an overwhelming positive response from Rotten Tomatoes, with the fandom giving it a 94%, proving that this documentary is one for all Star Trek fans.

Yet, with it ending its, admittedly short run in theaters, where can interested fans view the film now? Well, there are two places where you can rent or purchase the film online (via TrekMovie.com)

The first is through Apple TV, though you'll need iTunes if you wish to view the film.

The other avenue you can choose is the former Vudu, now Fandango at Home service. Unlike Apple TV this requires no extra add ons or niche services to use to access the film. To purchase a digital copy of the film, it'll cost $14.99 USD (with tax), and $5.99 USD (also with tax) to rent.

The film was produced by LegionM a "fan-owned" company that partnered with DECAL to release the documentary across various services. This film serves as the definitive Shatner story and now fans can watch Shatner's latest films in the comfort of their home.

While William Shatner's story has been told a time or two in various forms across various pieces of media, this is the first time that Shatner has had a say over how his story was told. It's the first and so far only official documentary about the Star Trek icon.

It not only tells the story of Shatner's life in and around Star Trek but also his beliefs and philosophies that have guided him throughout his life. It is considered a comprehensive and in-depth look into the man who became a myth thanks to one simple sci-fi show.