William Shatner sets the record straight about supposedly saying he has no friends and will die alone

Amanda Edwards/GettyImages

Recent reports created a flurry of concern for William Shatner, and his fans were quick to respond. Articles have made the rounds with supposed comments from Shatner saying he would die alone and that he doesn't have any friends. If fans were surprised, count Shatner himself equally so as the 93-year-old actor took to Twitter/X to correct the erroneous statements.

Shatner was reported as saying that "All those people I knew that I thought were friends are dead." But according to Mirror.co.uk, he has denied making that statement as well as the other comment about dying alone.

Shatner has spokenly openly about dying, and just two years ago, when talking to Variety about his documentary, "You Can Call Me Bill," said that he didn't have long to live. That was the reasoning behind making the documentary at this stage of his life. He wanted to leave something for his grandchildren. But there was no indication the actor lacked friends or was facing the prospect of dying alone.

The prolific actor and Emmy winner reported having received calls from several friends, negating the claim that he said he had no friends. And, in the post that was seen by over 90,000 of Shatner's fans, he pointed out "that was Kirk's schtick," essentially reminding everyone that Captain Kirk was afraid of dying alone. And being that Kirk was not a real character, that essentially doesn't apply to him personally, even though many will always see him as Captain Kirk. And those fans were quick to point out that they considered themselves Shatner's friends, even if only virtually.

While most of us contemplate our mortality as we age, the Star Trek legend doesn't shy away from admitting there are more days behind him than in front of him. But that's just honesty, and honestly, he's living his best life right now.

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