You'll never guess what Star Trek icon made set changes due to their height

I mean, you probably can, but still.
"Star Trek" 25th Anniversary Dedication of the Roddenberry Bldg. at Paramount Studios
"Star Trek" 25th Anniversary Dedication of the Roddenberry Bldg. at Paramount Studios / Albert L. Ortega/GettyImages

William Shatner is the gift that keeps on giving, isn't he? Just when you think we've learned everything we could about the Star Trek icon, there's always something that got glossed over or forgotten about and for some reason, Shatner seems to be at the center of it. In an uncovered gem from the 2013 book, These Are The Voyages: Season One (via GameRant), Shatner apparently didn't like how short he looked on set one day.

Former guest star Winston De Lugo recounted a story of his time on the set, where he and Shatner shared a scene together. Originally the scene had the two men leaning on a bar, with De Lugo standing a few inches over him. At about 6'3 (so the internet claims), De Lugo was taller than most in the 60s, including Shatner. Shatner is listed at 5'10, though many think that's in doubt.

This would make the scene far more interesting when you realize that De Lugo had four or five (if not more) inches on Shatner. Most people wouldn't care about that, but Shatner did and apparently talked to the director of the episode, Marc Daniel about it.

Later, the scene in the episode saw De Lugo's character now sitting at the bar, allowing Shatner to be able to look more imposing in the scene. This isn't surprising at all, as there have been countless stories about Shatner and his desire to look or be presented a certain way; from the blocking of a shot all the way to the rumors of him wearing a toupee.

Whether or not these stories of his behavior were true, one can't deny how effective it's all been, as he's 93 and currently seen as one of the biggest icons in entertainment history. So if he did go above and beyond to curate his image, it worked.

For those curious, you can watch this episode now on Paramount+, it's called The Court Marshall and is the 20th episode of the first season.