Bill Nye Settles the Star Trek vs Star Wars Debate


Billy Nye settles the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate once and for all explaining that Star Trek is about science and optimism.

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Bill Nye”the Science Guy” is a well known scientist, author, educator, and ambassador of science.  Bill Nye is a man of humor and dignity whose wise words should be listened to carefully and considered throughly.  Well all know this to be true.

Well Bill Nye has finally lent his wisdom to the debate of our times, Star Trek vs Star Wars.  Our own Dorkside of The Force took a very plebeian stand on the issue, as you would expect, but let’s see them argue with Bill Nye.

So when Bill Nye weighs in on the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate, you should listen to what he has to say while speaking to Rolling Stone.

That’s right it’s Star Trek over Star Wars, the debate is settled, we are all done here.

All joking aside Bill Nye does bring up a great point. Star Trek is about solving problems through science and understanding that humanity can have a bright future if we all come together. That’s a message that is lacking in much of the science fiction out there today.

And before you call me a “scruffy looking nerf hearder” I will of course be going to see Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. I am a Star Wars fan too despite this silly debate.

I do hope that the future that we chart for our world is more like one from Star Trek and less like the struggles of the humans in Star Wars. I would hate to think that our technology got better and yet we were still plagued with all the problems and conflicts we suffered from in the past.

This isn’t the first time Billy Nye has explained why Star Trek is so compelling either.

I would follow Captain Bill Nye, live long and prosper.