How Many Torpedoes Did Voyager Use?


One of the recurring themes on Star Trek: Voyager was that they have a limited number of photon torpedoes, but how many did you actually use? One fan counted them all up.

ICYMI: It’s been a year since we lost Leonard Nimoy.

On Star Trek: Voyager one of the problems they were constantly facing was running out of torpedoes. It seemed like the number of torpedoes they had on board the ship was always on their mind. For something that was such a huge tactical concern though they sure did shoot off torpedoes on a moments notice.

So did Voyager use all of their torpedoes, or did they have a few left at the end of the show? One fan was determined to find out.

So yeah, it looks like the Voyager’s torpedoes were like that magic trick where the clown pulls scarves out of his pants. In the magic trick the clown eventually has to stop though because inevitably he pulls out his underwear with the scarves… Voyager on the other hand never has to stop shooting full spreads.

There are a few theories on how Voyager pulled this off including making more warheads with smaller yields out of their original supply or somehow replicating photon torpedoes.

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The most likely explanation is that Hollywood is magic, don’t get so worked up about how many torpedoes Voyager had! Now if you’ll excuse me I need to go watch the Tuvix episode.