The Best Green Star Trek Aliens

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#4 The Suliban

The Suliban were a race similar to humans… until they got a hold of genetic advancements from the future from a faction in the Temporal Cold War.  The Suliban’s abilities to blend into their surroundings, breath gasses other than oxygen, and squish themselves flat to pass through cracks under doorways were not natural to their species.

The Suliban were a part of Star Trek: Enterprise right from the start and posed a threat not only to Earth, but also to the mighty Klingon Empire.  All of this was directed by a shadowy figure from the distant future who bestowed genetic gifts on the Suliban Cabal as a reward. Those darn shadowy time war guys never gave Enterprise a break!

Even though we didn’t love the Temporal Cold War episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise we did enjoy the Suliban quite a bit.  The Suliban gave the Enterprise a new alien challenge, and were a well rounded and interesting species with their own unique agenda and outlook on the galaxy.

The yellow green Suliban come in at number 4 on our list of great green Star Trek alien species.

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