5 Potential Settings For The New Star Trek Series

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Possible settings for the new CBS Star Trek series.

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What will be the setting of the new CBS Star Trek series? Here are five possibilities we’d like to see.

Across six Star Trek Series, the producers of the show kept with a fairly common strategy: Pick a ship, fill it with great characters and put them in interesting circumstances. It proved to be a winning formula as they made 726 episodes altogether. The saying goes; if it isn’t broke then you shouldn’t try to fix it, but is it broke? The ratings of Star Trek: Enterprise, the most recent series, bombed in 2005 causing the show to be cancelled and Trekkies all over the globe have debated the reasons why. Maybe a new take on the saga is necessary to connect with a changing audience?

2017 seems a long way away, but it will creep up on us and before we know it, we will be once again tuning in every week for our latest installment of intergalactic adventure. In a previous article, we looked at the actors we might like to see in Starfleet roles, but what exactly would they be doing in the series? Let’s look at some possible ideas for the storyline behind the new television series.

1. Starfleet Academy

Whilst the Federation ships were mostly filled with Starfleet Academy graduates, and we often saw glimpses of the paradise-like Starfleet Academy, we never had major story lines involving the schooling of Starfleet officers. How about a series that involves characters such as Jean Luc Picard and Will Riker in their early years? Think Hogwarts from Harry Potter, or Saved By The Bell set 200 years in the future.

We could have teachers giving the kids valuable lessons on Federation morals and mischievous alien students getting into rows, fights and all sorts of shenanigans. They could choose captains from any series and concentrate on their schooling, or create new totally characters that will one day command the best ships in the Federation.

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