5 Potential Settings For The New Star Trek Series

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5. AI revolutions

Ok so we could be going against Star Trek canon a little bit, but what about the impending AI revolution Elon Musk keeps talking about; when robots realize they don’t need their human masters anymore? So maybe not Terminator-style with Skynet, and definitely not like Battlestar Galactica, but something involving evil robots wanting to destroy us perhaps?

Prototype was an early episode of Voyager that centered around B’elanna Torres fixing a robot and she later found out that the robot had killed its creators when it no longer needed them to survive. We could have something like this happening across the Federation. Data from Star Trek TNG represents the most advanced AI, capable of emotion and even humor, at times, with varying results. There must have been something before Data? Lor was an evil version, he could have made more versions of himself and taken over star systems.

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