5 Potential Settings For The New Star Trek Series

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4. Space Cops

Everyone loves a good murder mystery and I’m sure there will still be criminals in a few hundred years’ time, so what about a series based on investigators solving crimes in the 24th century?

Perhaps the Federation is plagued by smuggling rings, or terrorists are attacking and the Federation has to find a way to deal with it. If the Federation was forced to look to law enforcement and a small task force instead of large ships to face their new threat it would create an interesting mirror on our world today.

We could have an entire department dedicated to tackling crime across Federation Space, with special agents sent to tasks to keep the star systems free from criminals. We had the shady Section 31, but I think a good show could revolve around an official department.

We could have a Sherlock style detective, solving everything the Federation criminals have to offer. Orion crime lords would surely be involved and a Watson style sidekick would help out with maybe even a love interest? The previous shows have centered on the crews of ships, but nothing says that they have to keep it the way it’s always been. It is possible that the producers might try to change things in order to bring in new fans.

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