Rumor: New Star Trek Series To Be Anthology Series


These rumors about the new CBS Star Trek series should get fans very excited.

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Birth. Movies. Death.’s Devin Faraci is reporting some very interesting rumors about the new CBS Star Trek series. If these rumors prove to be accurate Star Trek will be very excited.

The first big rumor that Faraci reports is about what universe the show will be set in.  Will it be in the JJ reboot universe or the original Star Trek timeline?

"The new show will be set in the original, classic continuity."

That’s big news for the Star Trek fans who felt like the reboot movies didn’t live up to their Trek expectations.  The rumor makes sense because showrunner Bryan Fuller and writer and director Nicholas Meyer of Wrath of Khan fame have roots in the original Star Trek universe.

Faraci also reported what time period he heard the new Star Trek show would be set in.

"The show will be set some time after the events of Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country, so between the original series and The Next Generation."

So as was rumored before this show will be set between the original series and The Next Generation.  It’s a seventy-eight year period of time that so far no  Star Trek  series has focused on.  We are looking at bad guy Romulans and bad guy Klingons here folks!

"…while the Khitomer Conference will have paved the way for Klingons and humans to find peace, Fuller has a plan as to how he can still feature villainous Klingons, something we haven’t seen in decades!"

Here’s the biggest news to us…

"A trusted source has chimed in and told me that it looks like the show will be a seasonal anthology, which means the first season will be set post-Undiscovered Country. After that the entire Star Trek universe is potentially open. So those of you hoping for a post-Dominion War show… don’t give up hope. That could come some day."

This is just so smart.  An anthology series will allow for big names to be cast and only commit to one season. We might see some really talented big name actors in Star Trek uniforms. It of course also opens up the writers to explore all over the Star Trek timeline; this is like hearing that we are getting five new Star Trek shows!  If these rumors are true this is going to be an incredible series that really might push the franchise into a new golden era.

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