New Rumor Says New Star Trek To Be Post Next Generation


A new rumor says that CBS’ new Star Trek show might be set post Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Related: Birth. Movies. Death.’s Devin Faraci is reporting some very interesting rumors about the new CBS Star Trek series.

Another blog has weighed in on what the timeline of the new CBS Star Trek series will be, and it conflicts with earlier reports of a pre Star Trek: The Next Generation show. 

1701 News spends much of their article about the recent new Star Trek series rumors explaining that they won’t be reporting rumors. 1701 News claims that the rumors reported by Birth. Movies. Death. are still too questionable to talk about, because they haven’t been confirmed; then they go ahead and drop their own rumor…

"We do not know for sure which timeline the series will take, although I will say that uncorroborated reports I’ve received (and it’s been hard to corroborate anything from the new series) is that it will be post-“Star Trek: Nemesis,” but we don’t know for sure."

Now we have two uncorroborated and conflicting sets of rumors about the timeline for the new Star Trek series. If you wanted a post Star Trek: Nemesis show you’ll probably believe 1701 News, if you wanted a throwback show you’ll probably believe Birth. Movies. Death. No matter what your preference though, take all these new Star Trek show rumors with a grain of salt until we hear something offical.

Personally we’d love to see a post Star Trek: Nemesis show, just because we’ve seen enough rehashing. Star Trek is about exploring, so let’s chart some new territory. A show set after TNG, Ds9, and Voyager would have a really free hand and wouldn’t be tied up trying to stay in continuity with the other series.

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Check out more of 1701 News takes on the new Star Trek series for yourself.

As for reporting on new Trek rumors, we’re going to keep talking about them, because they’re fun! We’re getting a new Star Trek show folks, let’s have fun talking about it!