5 Reasons Star Trek On CBS All Access Is A Bad Idea

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There’s no doubt CBS is putting a bunch of money into the production of the new Star Trek series, but are they really investing enough in Star Trek?

Star Wars is in the middle of a second golden age thanks to Disney truly investing in the franchise and making it a priority.  Even if Star Trek is the tentpole of CBS’ streaming service does it really feel like CBS is committed to the show if it’s not on CBS? Does anyone really think Star Trek couldn’t have huge success if it got the kind of push and promotion that Star Wars is getting from Disney?

The last two Star Trek series suffered through tight budgets and not enough promotion, is this new Star Trek set to share the same fate by being relegated to CBS All Access?

Of course we also know there are some very good reasons why Star Trek on CBS All Access might be a fantastic idea, here’s 5 ways it could be a huge success…

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