5 Reasons Star Trek On CBS All Access Is A Great Idea

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Here are 5 reasons that it’s a great idea for CBS’s new Star Trek show to be aired exclusively on their streaming service CBS All Access.

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CBS is going to show the first episode of their new Star Trek series on broadcast TV, and then show the rest of the series exclusively on their streaming service CBS All Access. CBS believes that Star Trek can be the tentpole of their leap into the realm of streaming and make their service profitable, but will it be good for you?

Here are 5 reasons that the new Trek being on CBS All Access is a great idea:


Does anything matter after this?

This is the biggest factor in the pro category because if new Star Trek had to be on broadcast television we might not be getting a new Star Trek.  The last couple of Star Trek series underperformed to such a degree that it would be hard to convince a network to give Trek a primetime slot right now. So CBS All Access may have been the factor that allowed new Trek to be created.

We are getting a new Star Trek series, it’s being run by Bryan Fuller, and Nicholas Meyer is involved, what more could we really want?

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