5 Reasons Star Trek On CBS All Access Is A Great Idea

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Since Star Trek will be on CBS All Access and not on CBS itself it won’t have to play to the lowest common denominator. Have you watched the shows on the broadcast networks lately? They leave a lot to be desired because they are taking great pains to make sure no one is left out or gets upset in any way. They aren’t really allowed to do anything daring or interesting on current broadcast shows because they are trying to maximize the audience.  The result is of course that the shows are dull and predictable. Most of the best TV is on cable right now and on channels like HBO where pushing the envelope and being creative is encouraged.

The goal of having Star Trek on CBS All Access is to bring Star Trek fans over to the streaming service and use them as a core customer base.  If you want to bring in a large group of Star Trek fans you make a Star Trek show for the fans, not for the largest possible general audience.

For the first time since Star Trek: Deep Space Nine writers are going to have a free hand to get creative with Star Trek.

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