Amicus Brief Written Partially In Klingon Filed In Lawsuit

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The Language Creation Society has filed an amicus brief in a United States district court that’s partially written in Klingon.

ICYMI: The new CBS Star Trek series will start filming in September.

The copyright to the Klingon language has played a central role in the lawsuit between Paramount/CBS and the Star Trek fan film Axanar. This led the Language Creation Society has filed an amicus brief in the lawsuit between Paramount / CBS and the Star Trek fan film Axanar claiming that the Klingon language shouldn’t be subject to copyright.

The Language Creation Society didn’t just file a brief though, they filed a brief that was partially in Klingon! Have you not always wanted to read a legal brief that includes the phrase “a fool and his head are soon parted” written in Klingon?

Amicus briefs are filed by non-litigants in court cases where they have a strong interest in the subject of the case. You can see why the Language Creation Society would be interested in keeping Klingon free by how they describe themselves on their website…

"Conlanging is the creation of constructed languages or conlangs, such as Esperanto, Lojban, or Klingon. A conlanger is someone who creates or constructs languages or conlangs. is a site for conlangers, would-be conlangers, those interested in or curious about conlangs, and anything else to do with conlanging."

The lawsuit between Paramount and Axanar might set precedents for how future fan films can be funded, but more importantly it led to us getting an amicus brief that’s partially in Klingon!

This is a snippet from the amicus brief.

I honestly don’t know how you can communicate the idea of honor without Klingon.

If you’d like to read the entire brief in all its Klingon glory for yourself it starts on the next page. The first 7 pages of the brief are the table of contents and authorities,  you may want to jump to page 8 where the Klingon gets started.

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