Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Star Trek: Vulcan


Get ready for your vacation to Vulcan with this fantastic Vulcan travel guide.

ICYMI: Simon Pegg who stars in the JJ Abramsverse Star Trek movies as Scotty and cowrote Star Trek Beyond told Movies.com that Beyond wasn’t written to be the last in the reboot series.

Have you ever wanted to spend a glorious vacation at the Temple of Amonak or T’Panit learning to suppress your emotions? Perhaps like Dr. McCoy you’d like to truly understand what the phrase “hot as Vulcan” means? Now your Vulcan holiday can be planned in a flash with the help of the Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Star Trek: Vulcan!

The Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Star Trek: Vulcan will be available for purchase form Amazon on July 19th, but you can preorder now for a very reasonable $12.86 US.

Here’s how Amazon.com describes the book:

"Plan your next trip to the planet Vulcan with Hidden Universe: Star Trek: A Travel Guide to Vulcan! Find restaurants that serve the best fried sandworms and Vulcan port. Take a trip to the Fire Plains or experience spring break at the Voroth Sea. Learn all about the native Vulcan people and their unusual customs. Discover how to correctly perform the traditional Vulcan salutation (you really don’t want to get this wrong). Learn key Vulcan phrases such as Nam-tor puyan-tvi-shal wilat: “Where is your restroom?” Find out what to do if you suddenly find yourself host to a katra—a Vulcan’s living spirit—at an inconvenient moment. All this and more can be found within the pages of this essential travel guide to one of the most popular—and logical—destinations in the known universe."

This looks like a ton of fun for any Star Trek fan, perhaps next we can get a guide to Qo’noS!

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