Producer Trevor Roth Says New Star Trek Show Will Be Smart


Executive producer Trevor Roth says the new CBS Star Trek series will be “smart.”

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Newsrama caught up with executive producer of the new CBS Star Trek series and Chief Operating Officer of Roddenberry Entertainment Trevor Roth at the Star Trek 50th anniversary panel at C2E2 where he had this to say about the new series:

"But I think at the end of the day there are certain tenets of Star Trek that make it what it is. I think that continuing of those tenants and create a cast that are truly relatable to people, regardless of their species and alien makeup. For those character to go through journeys that are relevant to people, for us to create a show that is a smart show and something we can be proud of, yet still entertain people. These are all the balances that teeter-totter that into everything that Roddenberry does. We’ve made graphic novels and TV shows, and all these kind of things. In a perfect world and an ideal setting, we are making good on the promise of Gene Roddenberry’s name. To me, that’s the show we’re looking for.That’s a lot, but I think we’re up to the challenge to do it."

“Smart show” is exactly what Star Trek fans wanted to hear. Star Trek is more than your average science fiction, and it sounds like everyone involved in this show knows that.

Check out the full interview for yourself as Trevor Roth also spoke to Newsrama on the Star Trek 366 campaign and growing up a Star Wars fan before learning to love Trek.

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