New Star Trek Trailer Breakdown


We breakdown the teaser trailer for CBS’ Star Trek 2017 to see what we can learn about the series from it.

ICYMI: CBS has launched a website for their new Star Trek series.

CBS has released a super hot new Star Trek trailer for their new series.  This is a very early teaser trailer since the show doesn’t premiere until 2017 and doesn’t even start filming until this fall.

If you haven’t seen the trailer check it out now; then we’re going to break it down to see what we can learn about the new series from it.

Ok, so right away we start with a lovely star field, it’s the traditional opening shot for a Star Trek show.

We pan down to see earth and the moon. (I’m glad I don’t live on this earth, with the moon that close the tides would be crazy!)

The planet imagery throughout the trailer is reminiscent of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s opening credits.

Then we jump to warp.

Jumping to warp in the firs few moments of the trailer reminds me of the warp flash as the runabout passed the screen in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine opening. Once the runabout had passed we were suddenly right up on DS9.

We pass through a nebula and see a shattering ice planet that might remind some of you of Star Trek: Voyager’s opening.

More Voyager memories as we pass close to a star.

It must be hot on that planet.

A monolithic Starfleet insignia rolls in.

New crews, it’s interesting that crews is plural. Perhaps this means that the new Star Trek series is going to be an anthology series after all?

We love this, as much as we are looking forward to seeing the Klingons and the Borg it’s good to see that we will also have some new foes to contend with. Star Trek needs to keep moving forward and not just retread the same territory again.

If you have new villains you have to have new heroes to battle them!

New worlds means we will once again be going where no man (or Star Trek series) has gone before!

The logo looks a little battered, it’s seen some battle damage. Perhaps this is a sign that the new series will be a little be grittier than its predecessors?

2017 is still all we know so far.

The show will premiere on CBS and then have the rest of its episode available on CBS All Access.

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