50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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Who do you want to see take command in the new television series of Star Trek? Here are 50 picks that we think could do a great job in the captains chair.

CBS released a teaser trailer for their new Star Trek television series and it’s got fans of the classic sci-fi franchise excited about seeing Trek on TV for the first time in eleven years.

When a new Star Trek series is preparing to launch one question looms above everything else for fans… who will be the captain? With that in mind we’ve compiled a list of actors we think would be perfect to take a seat in the captains chair.

Here are our top 50 picks for the next Star Trek Captain:

Mandy Patinkin

We were absolutely hooked on the first season of Homeland, and one character more than any other inspired us; Saul Berenson. When he spoke we felt as though I could trust him, it was like he was wearing a combadge already dammit!  We would follow his husky voice in to Romulan space any day! When nobody believed Claire Danes, and everyone else thought she was just a bit weird, Saul stood by her. He was dependable, smart, trustworthy and you knew he could get the job done.

Patinkin has a long list of credits including Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride, Chicago Hope and Criminal Minds; and he had a successful stage career, winning a Tony Award for his performances as Che in Evita. Patinkin is also a trained singer, which is probably where he gets that tremendously husky voice from. Anyone for a captains concert reminiscent of the Doctor in Star Trek: Voyager?

We think he would make the perfect Star Trek captain as he possesses all of the qualities necessary to lead a group of explorers into uncharted space. He has the leadership skills to lead by example and would make the best decisions for the team. We would be extremely happy to hand over the keys to the Federation flagship to Mandy Patinkin and his excellent beard.

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