50 Actors Who Could Be The Next Star Trek Captain

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David Tennant

David Tennant brought the fun back to Doctor Who. All Doctor Who fans have Doctors who they love and Doctors who they… love less. But nobody dislikes David Tennant. His charm and excitement for exploration as the Doctor would translate wonderfully onto the bridge of Star Trek’s next great ship.

Tennant is more than just a charming goofball – if you saw any of his work as investigator Alec Hardy on Broadchurch, you’ve seen some of the depth of his dramatic range. If you’re looking for a captain who can not only give a great performance but also excite the nerd world, David Tennant is your man.

After all – Star Trek captains always have a great catchphrase, and who doesn’t want to hear Captain David Tennant say “set course for Vulcan, warp 8, allons-y!”

Star Trek has had adventurous captains, it’s had more stoic and wise captains, but it hasn’t had a captain that captures the feeling of wonder at exploring the galaxy like we believe David Tennant would.

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