Star Trek Debate: 5 Reasons Trip Was The Best Engineer

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2. He got into awkward situations

In an early episode, Tucker went over to a friendly alien ship in order to help make some repairs to their warp engine. Whilst having a little downtime, he managed to get himself pregnant by putting his hands in some crystals during a game. T’Pol was less than pleased and teased the Commander in her usual wry style but it all worked out for the best in the end.

T’Pol: Three days. You were only there for three days, and you couldn’t restrain yourself.

Trip: [to Archer] I’m telling you, Captain, I was a complete gentleman the entire time.

T’Pol: I imagine that’s a question of how you define ‘gentleman’.

The directors, writers and producers loved to put Trip in awkward situations and see what happened. Brannon Braga said:

"“It’s fun to put Trip into awkward situations. You can’t go wrong with him because Connor Trinneer’s such a talented actor. “Connor Trinneer is so much funnier than we thought he would be. And he’s funnier not when he’s making a wisecrack, but when he’s put in uncomfortable situations, which we didn’t know until he got the role.“"

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