New Star Trek Series Brings Voyager Novelist On Board


News about the staff behind the new Star Trek series continues to trickle out of CBS as Kirsten Beyer is announced to have joined the team.

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First we had the news that Bryan Fuller was on board, and everybody seemed satisfied with that announcement. Nicholas Meyer was then announced, before Ron Roddenberry and Trevor Roth followed suit. So they will all be producing, supervising and directing the proceedings, but what about the writers? Well, the well-liked and Trek-experienced Kirsten Beyer has just announced her involvement in the new project.

Kirsten Beyer is known in the Star Trek universe for her work on the Star Trek: Voyager relaunch novel series, which she received great reviews for. She has written 8 full-length novels in the Voyager series about the ongoing adventures of Janeway and co. These reviews were obviously enough to convince Bryan Fuller and the CBS hierarchy that she was worthy of a place on the writing team. She explained to TrekCore how she first got into writing Star Trek:

"Like a lot of things in life, I was drawn into writing Star Trek novels sideways. It was never a stated goal or anything I pursued to the exclusion of anything else.  It was one of many placed I had directed effort and intention and the first one that clicked.I never planned on being a writer. But what I know now is that as long as I’ve been able to speak, I’ve been telling stories.  What began as play, I eventually studied, first through dance and then through acting. Telling stories has always been the essential way I connect with the world.I realized a long time ago that I am wired to create stuff and depending on others to allow me to do so…to hire me to act, for example…was never going to be enough.  The down time between projects makes me crazy.  But no one has to hire me to write.  In fact, no one did, for the first ten years I spent learning and honing what craft I possess."

We understand, or speculate, from the recently released teaser trailer, that everything is going to be pretty new and they won’t try any crossovers from any other series. Fortunately, Star Trek has a whole load of unexplored locations, time periods and stories waiting to happen, so with bit of imagination she can hopefully do us proud. You can see the teaser trailer below:

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