9 Secret Celebrity Trekkies

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Star Trek fans are everywhere! Let’s take a look at nine celebrities you never knew were Trekkies.

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Star Trek has always attracted a global following for a variety of reasons; celebrities and politicians have often admitted to having a soft spot for the Star Trek franchise. Here are 10 celebrities that you may not have known were also Trekkies!

Mila Kunis

Hollywood sweetheart, Mila Kunis, has confessed her love for everything Star Trek by attending conventions and meeting her Trek heroes. Kunis says that she has been a Trekkie since the age of 10.  Like many fans born in 1980’s Mila’s favorite series is said to be Star Trek: The Next Generation and she apparently has an enviable memorabilia collection.

When asked her favorite Star Trek series was Kunis told GQ:

"“This list is an ongoing argument between Seth MacFarlane and myself. But I have it: The Next Generation; the original series; then Voyager. After Voyager, then I have Deep Space Nine. Then last is Enterprise. I went to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas maybe five years ago. I hung out with a bunch of fake characters inside Quark’s bar. There were all these actors there pretending to be the different characters from the different shows. I loved it. I also have a signed Leonard Nimoy photo in a little frame that a girlfriend gave to me for my 21st birthday. And I’ve got a bunch of vintage Star Trek figurines given to me by Jason Segel.”"

Mila Kunis is a Trekkie extraordinaire.

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