9 Secret Celebrity Trekkies

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Daniel Craig

Yes, James Bond himself is a Trekkie. Perhaps it’s because Bond sees his space captain double in the ever dangerous to foe and lady Captain James T. Kirk?

In interviews Daniel Craig has admitted that he would love to star in a Star Trek show. He couldn’t possibly be the next captain could he?

Whilst Craigs tenure as Bond maybe coming to an end, he is signed up to star in a new US television show, and so he might be unavailable for a Star Trek role. It’s also rumored that Craig had a cameo in the Star Wars movie as a Stormtrooper, but he has never confirmed this.

Daniel Craig certainly has the love of sci-fi in his heart and he would make a pretty awesome captain! Check out who else we think would be a great captain for the new series.

That’s Bond, Captain Bond.

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