9 Secret Celebrity Trekkies

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Elon Musk

Elon Musk is one of my absolute heroes. He is the head of SpaceX, and if you have been living under rock for the past few years, SpaceX is the company that is making space exploration cool again. He already has several successful ISS resupply missions under his belt and after a few initial snags; they seem to be nailing the landings which will make space flight a lot cheaper.

"“Reusable rockets are vastly important if you think it’s important that humanity span beyond earth and become a multi-planetary species. If you can imagine watching Star Trek, and if they built a new star ship after every trip? It’s pretty silly. And all the other transports we use — planes, trains, cars, bikes — are all reusable. But not rockets.”"

He has revealed that some of what inspired him to reach for the stars was his love of science fiction, including Star Trek and Star Wars.