9 Secret Celebrity Trekkies

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President Obama

Yes, thats affirmative, POTUS is a Trekkie. Whatever your political affiliations, you have to admit that Obama has been one of the coolest presidents in memory. It was long rumored that Barack Obama had a Star Trek connection, and he confirmed this when he met Nichelle Nichols at the Oval Office in 2012. He was deeply saddened by the passing of Leonard Nimoy and felt taht it was only right to meet with his family:

"“Long before being nerdy was cool, there was Leonard Nimoy. Leonard was a lifelong lover of the arts and humanities, a supporter of the sciences, generous with his talent and his time. And of course, Leonard was Spock. Cool, logical, big-eared and level-headed, the center of Star Trek’s optimistic, inclusive vision of humanity’s future. I loved Spock. In 2007, I had the chance to meet Leonard in person. It was only logical to greet him with the Vulcan salute, the universal sign for ‘Live long and prosper.’ And after 83 years on this planet – and on his visits to many others – it’s clear Leonard Nimoy did just that. Michelle and I join his family, friends and countless fans who miss him so dearly today.”"

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