Find Love Amongst The Stars With Star Trek Dating Services


Find your perfect partner with a Star Trek themed online dating website. Log in, search for your perfect Trekkie and you might meet your Star Trek soul mate.

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Have you ever thought that you might be a Tom Paris and you want your own B’Elanna Torres? Ever wanted to snuggle up with a fellow Trekkie and watch your favorite episodes together on a cold winter’s night? Well now you can search for your very own Trekkie partner online on an updated Star Trek-themed dating website,

Single Star Trek fans of any sexual orientation, can create profiles on the website and start looking for love amongst the stars. The owner, Jonathan Bird, even met his own wife on the page and he says the marriage is still going strong, even though she only speaks a little Klingon.

"“A few years ago, I wanted to teach myself code. I’d already opened a few dating sites but never built them from scratch myself. I knew I’d have to build something that kept me interested; after all, it’s the only way to learn. So, being a Trekkie myself, I figured, Why not”"

The site boasts millions of profiles, mainly from the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia and Bird thinks that the site will continue to increase in popularity as the new movie and the new series draws a new generation of fans. Online dating does seem to be how most youngsters meet these days and other options are available to fans of all franchises.

Bird thinks that Trek Dating will continue to grow:

"“ shows no signs of slowing down. Our plan is simple: Continue to support the fans and give them a safe place to meet. Because without them, the site won’t boldly go anywhere.”"

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