Leonard Nimoy – His Career Beyond Star Trek

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Leonard Nimoy was synonymous with the Star Trek franchise, but he did have an interesting career in various fields outside of the Star Trek universe.

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To many in the Star Trek universe, Leonard Nimoy was a hero. His voice and his appearance were completely synonymous with the franchise and many couldn’t imagine a Version of the show without him. He was as important to the show as his good friend Captain Kirk, which made him a global hit and a household name.

He was in fact so synonymous with the show, that he called his autobiography I Am Not Spock in an effort to promote his career outside of the franchise. And he did have a career outside of the Star Trek universe, as an actor, director and even a musician. Let’s take a look at 7 amazing things that Nimoy did that didn’t always involve Star Trek.

Acting Role – Twilight Zone

I think that Zachary Quinto is doing a pretty good job playing Spock in the movies and he often pays tribute to the man that made the role famous. But it seems almost silly to think that anybody else could have been Spock. Before he was selected for the role, Nimoy was involved in many small television productions such as Dragnet and Wagon Train. He also acted in the 1961 episode of Twilight Zone (not the wavy-faced vampire teen flick) and he was even joined by his good friend William Shatner. I wonder if they imagined just how far they would go together in the future, the distant future that is.

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